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VP Finance

  • NXAI GmbH (Linz, Oberösterreich, Austria)

Job description


  • Financial Planning and Analysis: Develop and manage financial models, forecasts, and budgets to support strategic decision-making and ensure financial health and growth.
  • Accounting and Compliance: Oversee all accounting functions, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and implement robust financial controls and reporting systems.
  • Controlling and Cost Management: Monitor and control operational expenses, optimize cost structures, and enhance financial performance through effective budget management and variance analysis.
  • Equity and Fundraising Strategy: Lead the development and communication of the company’s equity story, manage relationships with investors, and support fundraising activities, including preparing financial materials and presentations.
  • Cross-functional Leadership and Collaboration: Partner with other departments to drive business performance, provide financial insights and guidance, and ensure alignment of financial goals with overall company objectives.
  • Inhousing Finance Functions: Transition the finance function from outsourced services to an in-house team, including hiring and training staff, implementing financial systems, and ensuring seamless integration with existing business processes.

90 days - Success Criteria

  • Established and integrated robust financial systems and processes.
  • Completed a comprehensive financial assessment and identified key areas for improvement.
  • Developed initial budgets and financial forecasts aligned with company goals.
  • Established clear communication channels with key stakeholders and provided initial financial insights.

180 days - Success Criteria

  • Delivered accurate and timely financial reports and ensured compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Implemented effective cost control measures and optimized financial performance.
  • Developed a compelling equity story and supported successful fundraising initiatives.
  • Fostered strong relationships with other departments, contributing to informed strategic decisions.
  • Achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency and financial process automation.

Job requirements

What you need to succeed:

  • Analytical and Strategic Thinker: Ability to analyze complex financial data, identify trends, and develop strategic plans to drive business growth and profitability.
  • Strong Leadership and Communication Skills: Excellent leadership capabilities to build and mentor a finance team, along with effective communication skills to convey financial insights to stakeholders.
  • Detail-oriented and Organized: Meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills to ensure accuracy in financial reporting and compliance.
  • Adaptability and Problem-solving: Flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing startup environment and the ability to solve problems proactively and efficiently.
  • Technical Proficiency and Industry Knowledge: Expertise in financial software, accounting principles, and industry-specific regulations, coupled with a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and fundraising processes.
  • Linz, Oberösterreich, Austria


  • Linz, Oberösterreich, Austria